Thursday, February 1, 2018

A week in Review 1/29

Well, well, well...I write to you from my couch today. I, unfortunately, broke my foot and have needed to take some time off to rest! I made a brief appearance on Tuesday, so you may have heard about a big boot on my foot or maybe even about my crutches! I will be fine! Just six weeks in a boot 😩😩😩 I have been lucky to have awesome subs in the classroom who are able to ensure our students are sticking to the routine of the classroom and getting some productive work done!
I am planning to be back on Monday and I am looking forward to it!

In reading and writing this week, kids were busy working on their normal reading routine of private reading, partner reading, work on writing, and word work. They also have been adding on to their persuasive writing they started with me last week.

In math, the focus has been largely on teen numbers and place value. Ms. Santarcanglo has been in the room and teaching new games to reinforce the idea that numbers match a quantity and that where the digit is in a number can give you information. For example, I know that number is 14 because the 1 in the front is a group of 10 and I have 4 more. She also taught a game about combinations to 10. Having a strong understanding of how to build ten in many ways is the foundation for two digit addition and subtraction. "Making 10" is a strategy in first and second grade that is useful for solving problems like 42+39. Students can visualize needing 1 more to make a 10 with the 9 and having one left over to mentally compute a solution of 81.

I have been working on a note home about Valentine's Day that should be all set to go home tomorrow. Check your student's folder!



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