Friday, February 23, 2018

A Week in Review

Hello Everyone!

What a busy and fun week at PPS! The musical was such a success. I loved watching our group up there, singing their hearts out!


In our classroom we have a weekly tradition of partner reading with Mrs. Belaski's class. Her class comes to our room to share in partner reading. Mrs. Belaski was my mentor when I was student teaching at PPS, and suffice to say our teaching styles are very similar! This makes our weekly meeting a great opportunity to review the learning of the week and engage children in summarizing the learning intentions.
This Friday, we changed it up a little bit. We decided to do some partner writing! PPS will be kicking off our annual Kindness Week and Kindness Chain activities when we return to school after winter break. In preparation for that week, our whole school morning meeting was centered around the definition of kindness and how we could engage in random acts of kindness.
When Mrs. Belaski's class joined us this week, we brainstormed acts of kindness we could perform at school. Then, pairs of students from each classroom drew and wrote about kindness. Check out Twitter for pictures from today!


With the onset of third trimester, it is time to start a new genre of writing. We have learned how to write narrative stories from our own lives, write opinion pieces to persuade readers, and now we will begin informational writing.
The big goal for students in this genre is to be able to collect information about a topic and write all about a topic.
We start this work with a blend of science and writing in our animal behavior and seasons unit. This week, students selected three animals they wanted to learn more about. They chose an animal that hibernates, an animal that migrates, and an animal that adapts to changing seasons. After break, students will watch videos, engage in read alouds, and individual reading to learn as much about their animal before composing a writing piece about their animal.
I plan to use SeeSaw for this unit as well. It has been such a long time since our students have posted. I know they are really looking forward to using their blogging app again after the break!


In math we have spent time reviewing the learning of  second trimester. We have circled back to teen number games-remembering that teen numbers are 10 and some more.
We also have spent time talking about organization in recording math work. We used our math journals to solve oral number stories. We talked about how to represent addition and subtraction stories with pictures and with equations.
We used this time to review what the equal symbol means and how to use it in our equations. I have started to use the word "equations" more and more instead of referring to them as "number stories". When children first begin working with equations it is important to use the language of a story so children can keep the sequential pieces as they are working with concrete representations of oral equations. This helps children have a stronger understanding of what each operation actually means and they begin to conceptualize what is actually happening when we say "2+2=4". As students begin to abstract the concepts of addition and subtraction they no longer need the reminder of math being a story and we can make this subtle shift in language.

Check your folders for report cards tonight! Hope to see you at conferences!

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